Always Creating

from by Shoeless Revolution

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From the bottom to the top we never stop,
Cause we're always creating.

Habitat Southside urban
front steps Westbank birds chirping
8am practicing my wording on a rime
Hip Hop hustling my 9 to 5
emceeing all day ambition
my mission from the bottom we have risen
to top it off I put a cherry on my vision
I'm new school but I carry on tradition
Driving by women who smell like sunlight
on tour I got the Penny Lane love life
almost famous my favorite flick
broke rapper but the paper get
a bit better each year each year a bit better
More than lights on stage forever
not a lot of god giving talent
but I hustle hard when Hip Hop is the allowance.

From the bottom to the top we never stop,
Cause we're always creating.

I'm captain obvious, damn New can spit
Name drop accomplices, on it with Unicus
I hold an endless convo with Lucas Dix, But I never get higher than kicking it with
11:11 24/7 i.e. I feel the world is hearing my appeal
In the destructive wake blooms a win win deal
feel that?........
I've been cinched since birth with a target
creates a chance for one to work a pardon
you know, I know I gotta, work the hardship
a wise man told me scars are the signs of an artist watch people on the high road, looking for fool's gold stay happily trudging never lose hope
while disappointed Muggles chose woes
I stay grown, pulling weeds around the Root Note
Do what I can to separate from the horde
but elevate those who also want more
indescribable feeling joy explodes from the core
for every door shut in our face I spot another four.

From the bottom to the top we never stop,
Cause we're always creating.

Swapping tips with the freestyle lifers
Up the rope ladder to the treehouse cypher
Vibe to the thunderclaps, rain pools and the puddles splash
Got my needs in my gunny sack
Juxing fodder for thought out of the statements
Repping the ideas not prophets who claim them
Sanctum is a swimming hole, with a hook and line
Tied to my biggest toe, work it like a fishing pole
Yup yup, huckle-huckle berry finn finn
Tonguing cherry juice dripping off my chinny chin chin
Win-win sit(uation) as long as I do me
Younger than the sun, older than the cool breeze
(ok) I'ma build a bench to rest on
(all right) and string glass into a wind chime
(today) I'ma scribble out my next song
(tonight) we'll have a warm campfire to sing by.

Hey, let me take you through the creative process
Unlimited access just pop in my cassette
Duel-Deck player, original rhymesayer
Circa '89 in my room you will find
Bits and pieces of lyrics eventually
You will hear them in a song or two
Imitating the hottest crews.
Trying to find my own sound for people to get down
Headphones blastin', vibes everlasting
Forever innovating, relentlessly creating
Patterns like fashion helping to refuel my passion
I do this on the daily, ain't no sign of me stoppin
Kids is at the shows and their heads are steady bobbin'
To the sound that be coming out the speakers when reach ya
Stimulate my mental, check my words on instrumentals
Bodies motivated by the sound that we created
It's a Shoeless Revolution, it can never be faded

From the bottom to the top we never stop,
Cause we're always creating.


from From the Inside Out, released September 23, 2010
Gavin Theory of Hives Inquiry Squad
Big Zach (New MC) of More Than Lights/Kanser
Lucas Dix of Hives Inquiry Squad
Unicus Harry of More Than Lights/Kanser



all rights reserved


Shoeless Revolution Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reed Grimm - drums/lead vocals, Ben Peterson - bass/saxophone/vocals, Jack Sabol-Williams - keyboards/vocals, Eric Streske - guitar/vocals

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